Health Insurance Solutions, Inc. saves Albany County millions

ICYMI- County Executive McCoy announced a way that the county is lowering prescription drug costs and saving taxpayers money after partnering with Health Insurance Solutions, Inc. (HISI). The company finds ways for municipalities to lower the costs of prescription drugs without sacrificing quality. Albany County partnered with HISI in 2020. Since then, the county has saved millions of dollars by HISI going to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager at our prescription drug company and found rebates offered that should be credited to Albany County. A rebate audit HISI did back to 2019 recognized that Albany County was not receiving the money owed to it from the county’s prescription drug company Pharmacy Benefit Manager and that $700,000 was garnered and was presented to County Executive McCoy today.


Pic left to right- Management and Budget Director David Rielly, Human Resources Commissioner Jennifer Clement, HISI’s Juliana Pasha and Nanette Poserina, CE McCoy, Deputy County Executive Daniel Lynch, Cousel to the County Executive Jeffery Jamison and County Executives of America’s Ed Caveney.

Specialty Drug Cost Containment: What can HISI do for your company's renewal?

by Health Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Specialty drugs continue to be the fastest growing costs within the healthcare industry today.  While there’s a very small subset of patients on specialty therapy, typically only 1-2% of the population, specialty therapy is the main driver of overall pharmacy trend.

 Our Health Insurance Solutions strategy for RX benefits has a proven track record of meaningful change of delivering aggressive financial performance for more than 20 years:


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Specialty Drug Savings


Infusion Therapy Drug Savings