Our Mission

Success is not about fitting in, it's about standing out.
Nanette Poserina – President and Founder

   My story starts in 1980, when I decided to pursue a career in the insurance industry after a short period in the Real Estate market.  My first job was with a TPA who specialized in self-funded groups.  After mastering the self-insured market, I was offered a position in 1992 with IBC of Philadelphia in executive sales. That same year, IBC launched their Personal Choice PPO product. I was on the cutting edge of delivering small and large employers a product new to their thought process, focusing on brokers and consultants to deliver the message.  As the next five (5) years progressed, the toll of commuting and starting a family shifted my ambition to migrate into the suburbs, being closer to home and family.  I settled into a P&C agency for another five (5) years, and formulated plans to open my own insurance agency.

   I was approached to consult on a large account in Scranton, PA where my underwriting and marketing skills delivered savings of $5.7 million.  One of the concepts was to carve-out the prescription drug benefit, which delivered tremendous savings.  Focusing on the Rx-savings concept, I started to gain traction with both large and small accounts.

   My office grew from 2 employees to over 15 employees – located in Skippack, PA. My team services and manages over $100 million in drug-spend.  Throughout the years we’ve shifted our focus to Specialty drug cost, which has taken over the majority of spend for a group. Today, we primarily focus on strategies to reduce employer’s specialty drug spend by up to 50%, with our manufacturer relationships, knowledge of grants and foundations, and working with Specialty Drug Pharmacies directly. One of our largest clients in NJ has saved $59 million over the course of 7 years, without plan-change.

HISI Corporate Biography
Nanette Poserina, founder of HISI started this organization with the premise that all consumers need a place to go where the information they are communicated is accurate, professional and trustworthy. HISI prides itself on honesty, integrity and above all expertise with every aspect of Prescription Drug Benefits, Health insurance and how Health Care Reform intertwines with Individual and Employer Benefits. Our models deliver a “live” person on the other end of the call to untangle the complexities of today’s marketplace. When our clients or potential clients call HISI, they will be greeted with a friendly, educated Solutions Advisor who will assist them.

Building on this reputation, Nanette has built a business model that has surpassed all the competition both locally and nationally. She has negotiated rates that are extremely competitive in the pharmacy drug group marketplace with her coalitions. We welcome the opportunity to show you the competitive difference that can reduce your benefit costs.