Our Mission

Success is not about fitting in, it's about standing out.
Nanette Poserina – President and Founder

“Health Insurance Solutions is a results-driven insurance agency founded by an industry veteran with over three decades of experience in delivering exceptional value to clients. Our focus on carving out prescription drug benefits has delivered tremendous savings to both large and small accounts. We’ve grown our team to manage over $100 million in drug spend, with a specialized focus on reducing employer’s specialty drug spend by up to 50% through our manufacturer relationships, knowledge of grants and foundations, and working directly with Specialty Drug Pharmacies. Our track record includes delivering savings of $5.7 million to a large account in Scranton, PA, and $59 million over seven years to one of our larger clients in NJ, without plan change.

At Health Insurance Solutions, we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help our clients maximize their prescription program and prioritize the savings we deliver.”

HISI Corporate Biography

HISI, founded by Nanette Poserina, is dedicated to delivering accurate, professional, and reliable information to consumers who are seeking guidance on Prescription Drug Benefits, Health Insurance, and Healthcare Reform. Our core values revolve around honesty, integrity, and unparalleled expertise in navigating the complexities of the current healthcare marketplace.


What sets us apart is our personalized approach, which includes a live Solutions Advisor ready to assist our clients and potential clients with their healthcare needs. Nanette’s leadership has propelled HISI to surpass local and national competition, thanks to highly competitive rates negotiated through our powerful coalitions in the pharmacy drug group marketplace.


We take pride in providing cost-effective solutions that help reduce our clients’ benefit costs while delivering exceptional value. At HISI, we are fully committed to equipping our clients with the competitive advantage they require to thrive in today’s ever-changing Prescription Drug landscape.